Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Romance Writers Weekly Blog Chat for April 21, 2015

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Welcome everyone! So glad you stopped by.

If you've jumped over from the talented Carolyn Spears  http://www.carolynspearromance.com/blog  then I'm glad you're here. If not, please head back over and check out her website - it's amazing.

This week, we've been challenged by the lovely Fiona Riplee  http://fionariplee.com/blog to describe a kiss in ten words or less, using the key words "pink" and "sweet".

Ready? Here we go...

Image result for free images of kissing lips
 "Sweet temptation, pink seduction, flaming desire.
Ahhh.... the perfect kiss."
Image result for free images of kissing lips


Ten simple little words to jumpstart the libido. Phew - I need to fan myself.

All right, now it's time for you to hop over to Xio Axlerod's blog  http://www.xioaxelrod.com and see what the fabulous Xio has done with our ten word challenge.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you visit me again soon.

Mikki Cober