Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Romance Writer Weekly Blog Chat for October 14, 2014

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Welcome to my weekly blog. If you’ve just arrived from the wonderful author, LaNora Mangano http://jeanne1965.wix.com/finding-lanora#!blog/c112v  then thank you for jumping over here.

This week’s blog idea comes from the fabulous, Collette Cameron, whose latest book “Triumph and Treasure” was just released.

Today’s topic is Date Disasters. We’ve all had those, so let’s be honest with other. How does a date end up in disaster? How can we prevent these disasters? In my opinion, it’s when your dating partner has nothing on their mind but their own pleasure, their own interests, and you’re just along for the ride.

My example of a personal date disaster was one that I suffered through during my college years. I had met a Lieutenant in a branch of the armed service (not to be named), and he asked me to go clubbing in Georgetown. For those not familiar with Washington, D.C., Georgetown is a fantastic nightspot with great restaurants, bars and dance clubs within the border of our nation’s capital. Georgetown was awesome – a terrific place to have a wonderful time. Or so I thought.

My date was very cute, and he seemed like a regular nice guy. We had just met, so this was our first time out together. I was looking forward to this evening, and hoped that it might lead to many others. Unfortunately, I was to be sadly disappointed.  Remember when I said earlier about your date being more interested in their good time than yours…? Well, this was one of those instances.

He had selected a club that served drinks and had a dance floor. Unknown to me, he had focused on this particular venue because this was the night that they were going to play every song created by The Village People. Do you remember that group? Who can forget that famous tune, “YMCA” – great dance number and it’s a song that’s always played at weddings and parties. It’s fun to stick ones arms in the air and frame the various letters, right?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy dancing to The Village People as much as anyone else. But as soon as the DJ started to play their tunes, my date grabbed me by the hand, lead me out to the dance floor and proceeded to jump, twirl, swing his arms and “whoop whoop” along to every note. He wasn’t dancing with me – he was performing for the crowd and for himself.

Not only that, after six songs in succession, I was becoming tired and wanted to sit down. Can you believe that he wouldn’t let me sit and insisted I dance with him for quite a few more songs? The evening became a blur of sweaty, seventies disco music, and I can’t remember a thing after that point. At the tender age of twenty-one, I was too polite to ditch him on the dance floor.

I stayed. I danced. I sweated.

Let me just explain right now, that I was so exhausted on the hour-long ride back to my college, that I fell asleep in his car. I know it was rude. I felt badly and apologized, but he was still mad at me for doing so.

I’d like to say that we parted friends, or at least people who went out once but won’t ever do so again. 

As for a passionate kiss at the door to my dorm, no way. I almost ran inside. I never did hear from him again, which was a huge relief for me as I’m sure it was for him.

I labeled this evening under Worst Date Ever, and in the back of my mind, I think he did as well.

Ok, hope that you enjoyed my little story. Now it’s time to visit the wonderful Collette Cameron at http://blueroseromance.com.  I mentioned that she has a new release, right? I know. I’m shameless.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you next week.



  1. I think the YMCA thing might have been a message, girl

  2. You could be on to something, Sarah....

  3. you sound too nice, Mikki ;-) And, as for Sarah's opinion, it was precisely what hit me the moment I read Village People :D Ha!

  4. Yep - I used to be waaaay to nice! The Village People music preference does add a twist, doesn't it? Thanks for the post!

  5. I can't believe he got mad at you for falling asleep. It's not rude - you were exhausted. What a story, Mikki! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I guess he didn't think that I was very much fun on our date to begin with.... oh well! Makes for a good story, though.

  6. Next time we're at RWA, remind me to tell you about my personal connection to that particular group. Oh, how we will laugh! ;)

    1. That's a deal! Looking forward to hearing all about it.