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Romance Writer Weekly Blog Chat for February 17, 2015


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Sunset on Maui's North Shore

Hello! It's been a few weeks since you've heard from me, and I'm glad to be back blogging with the Romance Writer Weekly group. If you've joined me from Jeana E. Mann http://jeanaemann.net then, welcome. Jeana is the author of the Felony Romance Series, and if you haven't read any of her novels yet, then please do so! Her latest novel, "Impulsive" is due out this June.

This week we are blogging about our favorite vacation spot. This was an easy one for me. There is no place I'd rather be than Hawaii, and in particular, Maui.

Sunset in Lahaina (Maui)
There's nothing like a sunset on Maui, or on any of the Hawaiian islands for that matter. Fantastic. People sit and wait for the sun to slip below the horizon, hoping to see the "green flash" - considered to be one of the most elusive events during sunset or sunrise. What causes the green flash of light? For a specific definition, Wikipedia says "Green flashes occur because the atmosphere can cause the light from the sun to separate out into different colors." But I digress...

Maui is an incredible place. The first time I visited the island, I was on a business trip with my boss. We arrived at the Kahului Airport at 7:00 pm, and by the time we had gotten our luggage (warning - it's a small airport, everything is done by hand, and it takes forever for the baggage to appear), gotten our rental car and started driving... it was already evening.

Evening in Kona (Big Island)

Neither of us had been to Maui before, and we were following a map to our hotel located in Wailea. We had no idea where that was or how far, only what our little rental car map showed us. We left the well lit town of Kahului and started a rather long drive between rows of towering trees that obscured our view of the sugar cane fields we had been told would be on either side. The trees also blocked out the moonlight  and there weren't any street lamps. There were stars overhead, and as I peered up at them between the rows of trees, they seemed so tiny, so far away. To be honest, our trip along that unknown road was more than a little creepy.

Statue in Waikiki Gardens (Oahu)

I was starting to think we were going to end up in a Hawaiian version of 'Deliverance', and was about to suggest to my boss (who was driving) that we turn around. But I decided I was being a baby, after all we're on Maui! What could happen? A few minutes later, the main highway came to an abrupt end, and I really started to get nervous. There was only one way to turn, and that was to the right. As the road sloped downwards I looked around me, amazed (and relieved) at the sight. We were driving under enormous twisted live oaks and incredibly tall palm trees all covered with tiny white lights. The road towards the Wailea resort we were to stay in was gorgeous. As we arrived at the entrance to our hotel, framed by softly glowing Tiki torches, I truly felt as if I was Alice and instead of a rabbit hole, I had ended up in a magical paradise.

West Shore beach on Oahu
We both stumbled from the car, too exhausted from a twelve hour plane ride, to do more than check in. I took time to accept a beautiful flower lei, admire the hotel's open air lobby, and from somewhere on the other side of the lobby, could hear the faint strum of ukuleles. At that moment, I wasn't interested in sight seeing - I needed sleep!

When I awoke before dawn the next morning - a six hour time difference is hard to get used to - I left my room in search of breakfast and stopped short, mouth hanging open. The view from the lobby was truly amazing and I stood in awe staring at the view. The ocean caught the early morning sparkle from the sun as it rose over the mountains behind me. The scent of jasmine and plumeria was in the air, and the sound of cooing doves surrounded me. I have never been touched by beauty in this way, and it filled me with complete joy and absolute peacefulness. It was incredible.

Standing above the clouds, taking in the view across Haleakala crater
I have been back to Maui several times over the years, and have also visited Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island (Hawaii). But to me, Maui remains that most magical and its pull on me is intense. There is something in the air on Maui. Maybe it's the fragrance of night blooming jasmine or white ginger, or the fact the ocean is crystal clear. All I know is you can't help but relax when you're staying on this piece of paradise.

Blooming Silversword
The following are some of the mental images that I have taken away with me from my visits to the islands.
  • Surging waves crashing against dark black lava rocks;
  • Rattling palm fronds when the afternoon trade winds start to blow;
  • Standing above the clouds while on top of Haleakala, a dormant volcano 10,800 feet above sea level;
  • Chancing upon a blooming Silversword plant which grows on the top of Haleakala and only flowers once in 50 years and then dies;
  • Spotting a turtle on a black sand beach;
  • Watching a fire knife dancer during a luau.
Sea Turtle on a black sand beach (Big Island - Hawaii)

Too beautiful for words, I have shared a few pictures from my various trips - I hope you have enjoyed them.
Native dancer at a luau (Waikiki)

And as they say in Hawaiian, whether you've just arrived or are about to depart - Aloha.

Before you leave, please jump over to Veronica Forand http://veronicaforand.com She always has something amazing to talk about on her blog.

Mahalo for stopping by. See you next time!


  1. GAH, Mikki, those pics are spectacular. And Hawiian version of Deliverance made me snort! THat's too much!

  2. Thanks, Jo. Beautiful pics are easy to take... everywhere you look it's gorgeous.

  3. Your descriptions make me want to go, Mikki! My husband hiked Haleakala. I have to get him to take me.

  4. You'd love it, Kim. We didn't hike it - just drove to the top and walked around. I've heard you can also rent horses and ride through the crater.

  5. I loved Maui! My in-laws go every year and they flew us out for a belated honeymoon years ago. I plan to go back one of these days. I fell in love with photos of Kauai as a teen, so I have to go there. Thanks for sharing! LOL @ Hawaiian deliverance =)

    1. Xio - Kauai is fabulous, but a bit rainy. Lovely flowers and scenery. All of the islands are amazing. I hope you get to go back! Thanks for your comments.

  6. Sounds and looks amazing! If I ever went abroad, Maui is now definitely one of my top places to visit!

    1. You won't regret it, Mishka. Thanks for stopping by!